MET Matters November 2018

From the CEO

We have marked our second anniversary as a multi-academy trust as MET came into legal existence on 31 October 2016 and at that stage consisted solely of Impington Village College. It was a bold endeavour to form a new MAT for Cambridgeshire, when there were already some excellent and well-established local trusts. Over the past two years we have grown to include Witchford Village College and, in development, The Cavendish School, Cambridgeshire’s first dedicated special school for children with autism. Alongside this we have formed the Morris Teaching School Alliance which came into existence last November and is flourishing under the team led by Beth Morrish, our Director. Our distinct ethos and values are attracting genuine and keen interest from other schools who are considering in prospectively joining MET. If you think this might apply to you, we are very happy to hear from similarly-minded schools. Please contact me on

When we established MET our vision was indeed to develop a family of schools that are individual in character – respecting the autonomy of our different institutions whilst finding commonality of purpose around our three goals:

  • Building a better world through education
  • Ensuring excellence as standard for all
  • Creating strength through community

Our aim is to find the perfect balance between respecting individuality whilst gaining more through the familial bonds that we have in common. Too many Trusts look to standardise and prescribe how to do things. For MET, autonomy is assumed.

Our aims were to ensure that our Trust represents all phases and settings. We currently include secondary and with the building of TCS, that will extend into primary and special education, something we are very excited by. Our work with The Morris Teaching School Alliance has demonstrated so strongly that schools (no matter the type or context) have so much in common and can learn from each other.

I am hugely proud and privileged to be the first CEO of MET and have this opportunity to develop an ethical and compassionate trust for Cambridgeshire.

Robert Campbell

Chief Executive Officer

Morris Education Trust

News and updates

Witchford Village College (WVC)

The new Senior Leadership Team is now in place at WVC led by Dan Baxby (Principal) and is palpably generating a more positive and purposeful ethos; it already looks and feels a wholly different school, with a strong focus on uniform, behaviour and attendance, alongside the broader challenge of raising aspirations across the whole community. There are new and vibrant teaching spaces for all to access and the welcome that visitors now receive through the revamped main door is a clear signal of the new direction for WVC. The news of this change is out and the Open Evening was very well attended, with those coming to the college marvelling at the difference in the look and feel of the place.

Impington Village College (IVC)

Building on its successes from 2016 and 2017, IVC enjoyed outstanding IB and very strong GCSE results; there were also excellent BTEC outcomes (a programme that is strengthening year on year within the Sixth Form) and pleasing A Level grades from the penultimate small cohort of that qualification. Key headlines were:

  • 96% pass-rate for the IB Diploma (80% across the globe) with an average points score of 33.7, with 8 students achieving over 40 points and two of these (both IVC ‘homegrown’) securing the maximum 45 points, a standard only 0.5% across the globe reach
  • 74% of students gained the new ‘Basics’ measure at GCSE with 80% of students achieving 4+ in Maths and 85% in English and 43% of all grades achieved were at 7+ and 30% of all grades achieved were at Grade 8/9
  • Very impressively,15% of all grades achieved were the new Grade 9

September saw the launch of the new Creativity, Action Service (iCAS) curriculum which sees all students (from Year 7 to Year 13) learning and working together on self-selected areas of interest. Examples include knitting, horticulture, creative writing and coding. It is a wonderful addition to the college’s culture.

MET Living

MET Living has successfully grown to include both Witchford and Impington Sports Centres and now incorporates Adult Learning and Community, creating a very strong ‘non-school’ team focused on ensuring our village colleges continue to reflect the ethos of Henry Morris, who we are named after. Over 100 programmes are offered across the two sites, ensuring that adults, as well as young people, are able to access and benefit from the village colleges.

Morris Teaching School Alliance (MTSA)

Morris Teaching School Alliance has had tremendous success in its first year of operation, securing funding from East Cambs & Fenland Opportunity Area to deliver a range of projects within our partner schools:

  • We have been awarded over £300,000 in total for three different projects
  • Two projects focus on strengthening the effectiveness of mental health support for young people within their schools
  • One project focuses on accelerating the progress of disadvantaged children and young people in the acquisition and development of communication, language and reading
  • Twenty four schools in total are involved in the three projects (six secondary and eighteen primary)

Indeed the main project (funded from the DfE) was one of only two across the whole of the Eastern region to be successful in bidding. We have additionally secured £20k funding from Sport England to work on a project with IVC to raise the profile of PE and Sport across the school in order to support whole school improvement.

The Cavendish School (TCS)

After frustrating delays from the Department for Education, the plans to build and open TCS, our special free school for children with autism, are beginning to take greater shape.

Our recent Discussion Forum looking at ‘Educational environments for children and young people with autism’ brought together researchers, professionals and the local community for a successful and inspirational afternoon of sharing ideas, investigating the latest research and sharing our plans for TCS. We plan to hold more events so please sign up to our mailing list to find out more at

Central Team

Our small central team at the trust provides support and advice to our schools. We are pleased to announce that Susan Kay has now joined the team as Interim MET HR Manager and is training and advising the HR admin support at the schools along with offering advice and guidance centrally on non-routine HR matters. It means that expertise resides in the central provision offered to schools so that headteachers and their teams are able to focus better on the work they are experts in – namely leading and running a great school!

And finally…

This has been a momentous and highly successful first two years. We are looking forward to establishing ourselves further as a trust of excellence for our local authority.

If you have any questions or have information to share please get in touch with Jenna Bickley, Business Support Manager on