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The Morris Education Trust builds on the successful track record of Impington Village College, identified in 2017 as a consistently high performing school and one of the strongest non-selective schools in the country for student progress. In 2017 the Progress 8 score (a value added measure used to capture the progress a pupil makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school) for Impington Village College for all students was at 0.7 and for more able students (roughly half the cohort) it was 0.8.

In 2017 Impington Village College celebrated some of the best GCSE results in the College’s history. In the reformed English and Maths GCSEs, student performance was outstanding with nearly 15% of students achieving the new super grade 9, 75% of students achieving grades 4 and above (the new Basics measure) and 25% achieving grade 7 or above. Across all subjects 43% of all grades achieved were at A or A* with 1 in 5 students achieving 10 or more A/A* or 7-9 grade.

In 2017 students at the Impington International Sixth Form secured a fantastic 97% pass rate for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma with an average score of 34. The IB Career Programme cohort achieved a 100% pass and an outstanding 54% distinction or distinction star in the Performing Arts BTEC. The A-level pass rate was 95% with 63% achieving grades A* – C.

In 2017 Witchford Village College was not able to build on its best-ever GCSE results of 2016.The overall Progress 8 score was -0.31. Many individuals did of course perform much better than expected and these achievements were rightly praised and celebrated. With the support of MET and IVC, Witchford is already back on an upward trajectory and forecasts for 2018 are indicating improvements. Attendance, a key issue identified by Ofsted in October 2016, is now tracking 1.5% points higher than in 2016-17. The same systems and processes that have had such impact at IVC are being deployed at Witchford. A new senior leadership team is already in place and a new permanent Principal, Dan Baxby, is starting in June 2018.

The Morris Education Trust is bold and resolute in its operations to ensure our schools deliver excellence as standard for all learners and stakeholders.  The Trust will support all partner schools to develop, grow and flourish.



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