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The Government is strongly promoting multi-academy trusts (MATs) as the way the school system can be developed, particularly where there are existing strong schools with the capacity and desire to collaborate and partner with other schools.  There are many reasons why a school may wish to join a multi-academy trust, and it is important that interested schools discuss options and challenge rationale in order to find the right solution.  Here are some key questions you may wish to consider before joining a multi-academy trust:

  • Why is your school interested in joining a multi-academy trust and what do you hope to achieve?
  • Do the values, vision and ethos of the multi-academy trust match your own philosophy and ambitions?
  • Does the multi-academy trust have the core competence to deliver successful school improvement and make a difference to your school?

Joining a multi-academy trust is a big decision.  If you are interested in working with us then please get in touch.  A website can share certain information, but talking to us directly will tell you much more about how we might be able to work together to build a partnership.  

It’s important that the Morris Education Trust is the right fit for all our schools.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas, share with you what we are currently doing, and talk about your needs.  Please contact us here.

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