Who are we?

Our Story

The Morris Education Trust became formally constituted as a Multi-Academy Trust on 31 October 2016.  The Trust has been built on the principles and ethos of Impington Village College, and is looking for partners who wish to be part of an ethical Trust built on the values of a Village College.

Henry Morris was the Chief Education Officer for Cambridgeshire from the 1920s up to the 1950s. It was his memorandum written in 1925 that laid the foundation for the village colleges. In this piece, Morris writes that ‘The village college could lie athwart the daily lives of the community it served; and in it the conditions would be realised under which education would not be an escape from reality, but an enrichment and transformation of it. For education is committed to the view that the ideal order and the actual order can ultimately be made one’.  We believe the new Trust will seek to do the same – enrich and transform the lives of students and pupils who come to the schools.

The Trust has been approved as a sponsor which means it can incorporate schools or academies into the Trust that have been identified by the Department for Education as needing support.  In 2016 the Trust has submitted an application to the Department for Education to open a special free school for children with autism spectrum condition (ASC) that will be built on the site at Impington.


The Morris Education Trust was legally formed by five founding Members who represent the existing school communities.  They meet as a minimum once a year to appoint Trustees and to ensure the Trust is still fulfilling its Articles.  The current Members are:

  • Dr Huw Jones
  • Jane Lucas
  • Julian Mellor
  • Hildegard O’Kane
  • Martin Rigby

The Board of Trustees are appointed by the Members to oversee the development and operation of the Trust.  The Trustees meet monthly to set the direction for the Trust, hold the CEO to account and to ensure financial probity.  The current Trustees are:

  • Robert Campbell (CEO)
  • Joanne Garner
  • David Jenkins
  • Martin Rigby (chairman)
  • Professor Alan Rodger
  • Keith Thomson

MET Trustees 14 November 2017 slim

Image:  Alan Rodger (Trustee), David Jenkins (Trustee), Robert Campbell (CEO), Fran Difranco (Director of Finance and Resources), Joanne Garner (Trustee), Martin Rigby (Trustee and Member), Keith Thomson (Trustee), Joe Greenway (Clerk)

Current Member and Trustee details and register of interest.

MET & IVC Registers of Attendance 2016-17

MET Member and Trustee information and interests

Scheme Of Delegation Governence

Minutes of the Trust Board Meetings

This website is currently in development.  Information about our policies and formal documentation will be available here shortly.  In the mean time we can share this information on request. If you have any queries about the organisation please get in touch here or contact Amanda Hartwright, Business Support Manager on hello@tmet.org.uk or 01223 200409.